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Important access information

Post by Malaya » Mon Jul 01, 2019 1:00 am

There are many forums here that are not publicly accessible but which contain useful information. This forum is open to registered users and newly registered users, but contains only general information. Users who want access to our full range of forums must first be vetted. If you pass our vetting process, you will be given read access to older forums on this site.

New users

First you must become a member of this board. Use the convenient register link near the top corner of the page. Complete the registration process.

Current users

If you were a member before, access to these forums has been removed. But you can still request access again.

Becoming a member of the Trusted members group

You can request access to the "Trusted members" group we created:
  • Select the drop down under your name on the pink navigation bar.
  • Select User Control Panel
  • Select the Usergroups tab
  • Check the radio button next to "Trusted members" and press Submit
Additional vetting may be required but if vetted you will have access to these important forums.

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